Little Raiders: Robin’s Revenge is a strategy / town-building game from Ubisoft. In this game, you raise a ragtag band of warriors, arm them, and engage enemies in battle to restore peace to the troubled woods. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you rob from the rich.


  • Tap on character portraits in battle to control different squads – When you’re on the battlefield, tapping on a character portrait will give you command of that character’s squadron alone. Split Raiders up to send them in different directions, or to attack different enemies. When you want everyone to work together again, slide your finger over the leaders’ portraits to highlight them all.
  • Take time to hunt on the battlefield – Food is used to heal your Raiders instantly after a fight. Oftentimes, animals like deer and rabbits appear on the battlefield. If there’s no immediate threat, shoot the critters down to collect meat.
  • Don’t lose sight of a level’s main goal or you may wind up fighting enemies forever – Each level has a goal, which might include killing a boss character, slaying a certain number of enemies, keeping a potential ally safe from bad guys, or destroying a certain structure on the field. Take note of each level’s goal when you enter. If you don’t complete that goal, you may wind up in limbo, destroying waves of enemies for ages (though it’s a good way to build up experience and loot).


  • Raiders can change their weapon specialty at the academy – Too many archers and not enough sword fighters (or vice versa)? Raiders can change their jobs at the academy back at the oak tree.
  • The tree regenerates food every so often – Your home base itself, the oak tree, generates food. Collect mushrooms at the roots and birds’ nests in the leaves. These regenerate often, so pluck away.
  • Don’t forget to collect donations of silver – Your Raiders’ huts accumulate sums of silver over time, which is very handy for training them and arming them. Make sure to collect often, as the accumulation stops after a limit is reached.
  • The workshops alert you when a Raider can upgrade their weapons – Confused over who should equip what, and when? Don’t worry. When a Raider is eligible for a weapon upgrade, an icon appears next to the relevant workshop. You can also equip Raiders through the workshop, which eliminates a lot of guesswork and hassles with the game’s menus.


  • Use terrain to your advantage – Your Raiders can use rocks and logs to sneak up on enemies. Be careful, though: Archers can’t shoot through wood or stone.
  •  Use the trader to buy awesome weapons without having to upgrade your workshops – Equipping your Raiders with top-notch weapons and armor can take a lot of time and money, since your workshop needs to be upgraded at a high enough level to handle these special orders. Once you rescue the Trader, make sure to visit him often. He offers strong, ready-made items you can start using immediately. The Traders’ wares change every so often, so browse his wares frequently.