If you’re into VR, this was a super exciting week. The industry got a real shot of support from Samsung, who announced that – in partnership with Oculus – they’ll be bringing their own VR device to market.

Even cooler, it’s powered by your mobile phone.

And even though it’s only a few days old, we’ve already seen plenty of developer support announced. Out of all the games we’ve heard announced, these five in particular have us eager to get our hands on Samsung Gear VR.

Temple Run VR


Have you been desperate for a new spin on Temple Run? How about one that lets you experience the same fast-paced terror as their hero, Guy Dangerous? Then strap on your headset and let’s get running. This time around, players will experience what Imangi is calling “a perilous winter wonderland.” Be careful, there’s an icy patch.

Omega Agent


Ready to be James Bond? One of two new game announcements from Fireproof Games yesterday (the other was The Room Three – hooray!), Omega Agent puts players in the nuclear-powered jetpack of a Cold War superspy at a training facility. I like to think of it as The Room 2.5.

Land’s End


The creators of Monument Valley have confirmed they’ll be developing Land’s End for Gear VR, but beyond this teaser image, there are no details to go on. If you look closely though, don’t those towers look awfully familiar? While it’s far from confirmation, it seems like there’s a pretty strong indication in this image that Land’s End will be connected to Monument Valley in some way.

Smash Hit Plunder


As a full on, proper, “we live in the future” nerd, there’s something about Smash Hit Plunder that just speaks to me. It’s a dungeon crawler where you actually crawl the dungeon. Well… virtually, anyway. VR is all about immersion, but something about the idea of a blocky, voxel world makes me feel like this could be the first video game that makes you feel like you’re in a video game. The Last Starfighter, eat your heart out.

Untitled Harmonix Project

Is it fair to get excited about a game just because of who’s developing it? We think so. Harmonix, aka the creators of every music game that you’ve ever spent money on (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Central) have confirmed on Twitter that they have a project in the works for Samsung Gear VR. There’s zero indication on what kind of project this is, but… we’re guessing something musical.