Ok, we’ll admit it – last week’s big game was a bit of a let down. We try to pick winners pretty consistently here at Gamezebo, but even the best railbirds pick a lame horse every now and again.

Tonight’s big releases seem like much safer bets. Tune in tomorrow morning for the full recap, and whet your appetite right now with the shortlist of game’s worth knowing about:

Mikey Boots

Running and hooking weren’t enough for you? The creator of Mikey Shorts and Mikey Hooks is back with the third installment in his seminal mobile platformer series. In Mikey Boots, our intrepid hero trades in his Keds for a pair of shiny new rocket boots.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

A surprisingly touching game about the first World War, we were definitely intrigued by what Valiant Hearts had to offer in its desktop incarnation. This is the same basic game, but this time the controls have been rethought to take advantage of touch screens. Sounds promising!

Gemini Strike

Like blowing stuff up with your finger? Armor Games is launching their own fresh take on the shmup genre tonight with Gemini Strike, a shooter that lets you raid cargo during the breather moments to find randomly generated items to customize your ship.

Infinity Blade III: Kingdom Come

Not really a full-fledged game release, per se, but a notable (and final) expansion for a pretty fantastic game. Kingdom Come is said to close out the Infinity Blade trilogy… but with an IP this profitable, it can’t possible be dead for too long, right?