With a seemingly endless selection of endless runners on the App Store, a game has to do something really unique to stand out. TwistedRun does that, and while the play itself isn’t too unique, it’s done with enough style that it’s well worth checking out.

Players will run upwards along a corkscrew-like platform as they jump, slide, and dodge around obstacles. Controls are as simple as a swipe of a finger in the correct direction, and you’ll always have a good indication of what obstacles are coming next because you can see them corkscrewing around in the distance.


It sounds (and admittedly feels) a bit too familiar, but when tied with the presentation, TwistedRun just works. The animations are fluid – your vignetted runner has natural movements that almost make you wonder if they absurdly went over-budget and insisted on mo-cap. The obstacles, as they spin around the landscape, see every angle captured by the game’s camera. It adds a surreal sense of real to such a clearly video game landscape.

If you’re a fan of endless runners but feel a little tired of the genre, TwistedRun should do a decent job or reminding you why you liked it in the first place. You can pick it up for $0.99 from the App Store.