Ever since it was first released into beta, Scrolls seemed like it was born for tablets. Earlier this year we heard the good news that, yes, Mojang’s tabletop-style game of cards and combat would be coming to iPad and Android devices.

But what we didn’t know was when.

That changes today. With a recent update on the Scrolls blog, the team confirmed that we’ll see Scrolls on tablets by “late Fall/Autumn.” That’s not a specific release date by any means, but at least it’s soon. Like… “before winter” soon.


Even better, the post confirms that cross-platform play will be involved.

Alongside the tablet release, Scrolls will be coming out of beta on desktops and will receive a full marketing push. Considering it’s the next big thing from Mojang, expect to see Scrolls everywhere you look before the end of this fall.