Anybody else remember Pixel Press? A neat little “build your own” game maker for the iPad, Pixel Press Floors (the first, and thus far only game in the series) let armchair gamemakers design their own platformers by sketching them out on graph paper first.

Disclaimer: I backed this on Kickstarter. Second Disclaimer: I didn’t really care for the finished product.


I might be in the minority on that though, as it seems the folks at The Cartoon Network liked it enough to license the tech for Adventure Time: Game Wizard. Players will be able to craft their own journeys for Finn and Jake, using graph paper, a pencil and an iPad (or, if you’re scared of physical stuff, just an iPad).

Slide To Play had a chance to go hands-on with the game at PAX this past weekend, and shared a quick clip of the app in action:

Adventure Time: Game Wizard will also mark the first time that Pixel Press will be playable on Android.

But will it be better than the first release of Pixel Press Floors? It’s tough to say until we actually go hands on, but the developers are claiming that a lot of the features this first version was lacking – multi-sheet creation, square sketch sheets, story mode, advanced gameplay and creator tools, iPhone support – will all be available in the game’s first branded product.

Also – the sub-par art assets were arguably the biggest thorn in my side with Pixel Press Floors. Thanks to the Adventure Time license, that hurdle has clearly been jumped.

Adventure Time: Game Wizard will be available for iOS and Android this winter.

DID YOU KNOW? This isn’t the first Adventure Time game creation tool. Go check out the web-based Adventure Time Game Creator and say goodbye to the rest of your afternoon).