Stretch your hamstrings and read up on Dodging Boulders 101: It’s time to raid some cursed tombs with the bullwhip-wielding explorer Colorado Cajones. Don’t worry, he’s really good at this desecration stuff.

Treasure Tombs: Ra Deal is an action / puzzle game from Dark Tonic and Bulkypix. You descend into musty burial grounds (is there such a thing as a burial ground that isn’t musty?) to collect treasures and hopefully avoid having a curse put on you by the Pharaoh Ra-Khan. Oh, and the treasures you collect are going to a museum. Honest.

Getting out of Treasure Tombs: Ra Deal with your flesh whole requires careful movements, as every step draws enemies towards you, and potentially sets off traps. But by using your brains and a bit of luck, you can set off chain reactions that decimate the undead and renders traps harmless. But time is never on your side – and if a ruby chalice plunks itself down on the other side of the room, can you really say “no?” Even if you have ten seconds to get out of Egyptian Dodge?

Treasure Tombs: Ra Deal is coming soon to iOS.