Remember that funky little Tetris-meets-Threes! game that we’re all so excited about here at Gamezebo? It now officially has a release date. Joinz creator Noodlecake Games has reached out to confirm that you’ll be swiping and joining tetrominoes on iOS on September 18th.

We’ve also been given some clarification on how the whole thing works. Rather than explain it in my own words, I’ll let Noodlecake’s Ryan Holowaty speak for himself:

Players will also unlock power-up containing “gift boxes” as they progress, which should help – more colors are added to the mix the longer you play, which should up the difficulty considerably.

There’s no word on an Android release yet, but iOS gamers will be able to get their hands on this one in just three weeks. Joinz will release on September 18th for $1.99.