The dog days of summer are upon us. That means, for a lot of you, school is right around the corner. So here’s the good news – all of the great games you missed by enjoying the sun? They’re still waiting for you.

Here are our picks for the five best mobile games of August 2014.


rules1Think you have a good memory? Let’s find out together. Rules! tasks players to clear away tiles using the new rule that’s introduced each stage… and then all of the rules that were introduced in the stages before it, in reverse order. *SNAP* Oh, don’t mind that. *SNAP* is just the sound of your brain exhausting by the seventh stage.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

pointLess than a year old, this port of a popular 3DS title is everything we could have hoped for. And putting aside the “we can’t believe this is already on iOS!” shock of it all, it turns out that Dual Destinies is a pretty stellar game, even when compared to the Ace Attorney games we’ve played before.

Dragon Quest IV

dragon_quest_iv_01A fresh chance to play a legendary RPG? We’re not going to say no to that. And considering how well the port of the PS2 series entry Dragon Quest VIII was handled, there was little reason to worry here.

Tap Sports Baseball

tap-sports-baseball-gameplayStraddling the line between arcade and simulation, this free-to-play offering from Glu manages to succeed in appealing to both camps. We see a lot of baseball games on mobile devices — especially at this time of year — but not many that manage to deliver as well as this.

Tiny Tower Vegas

TinyTowerVegas_4What happens in Tiny Tower stays in Tiny Tower. This time, the thing that’s happening is gambling. Lots of it. And yes, it really is enough to shake up the formula and make it feel fresh again. Just remember: always bet on red.