ChAIR Entertainment really knows how to pace things perfectly with a mobile release, don’t they? Since the very first Infinity Blade, they’ve been offering up regular updates, teasing new games, and building an expanded universe.

This all comes to an end next week with Kingdom Come, the final update for Infinity Blade III.

Well… it probably all comes to an end.


In the official press release issued by ChAIR this week, this is described as the “epic conclusion to the Infinity Blade trilogy.” Having said that, all three Infinity Blade games were announced at Apple events (four if you include the now-abandoned Infinity Blade Dungeons), and Apple just happens to be having their next event on September 9th. If I were a betting man, I’d expect ChAIR to make a showing.

Could it be a new IP instead of Infinity Blade? Maybe. I just wish they’d do a sequel to Shadow Complex already.

So what can players expect from the Kingdom Come update? A new environment, new weapons, new items, new enemies, answers, and (dammit) more questions.

Infinity Blade III: Kingdom Come will be a free update for Infinity Blade III owners on September 4th, but if you’re at PAX this weekend and want an early sneak peek, they’ll be giving players an early hands-on at the Epic Games booth on the 6th floor.