Yesterday we gleefully shared news of a few not-so-cryptic tweets from the @AdultSwimGames account that seemed to suggest a new Robot Unicorn Attack was right around the corner.

SPOILER: It’s not.

The tweets were advanced promotion for a new Humble Weekly Bundle that collects some (unbelievably good) PC and Mac games from Adult Swim. We may not cover those anymore, but I’ll say this: anyone who doesn’t pick this up for Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe owes me a written explanation as to why. That might be the most criminally underrated game of 2013.

So what was the Robot Unicorn Attack teaser? For the first time that we know of, there are some premium tiers in a Humble Bundle that include physical merchandise. For $75 you can get the Majestic Unicorn Pack that includes (amongst other things)… wait for it…



Go check out everything else that you can get in the Adult Swim Games Humble Bundle at