We told you it was coming. Peter Capaldi, the newest Doctor to join BBC’s 50 year sci-fi legacy, is now a playable character in the match-3 battle game by Tiny Rebel Games.

Is that not enough? Well then how about this: you’ll be getting weekly content updates tied to what’s happening in the series virtually moments after it airs. “Allowing for time zone differences, the new levels will be out within 24 hours of airing,” Tiny Rebel Games’ Lee Cummings told Gamezebo.


The content for the first episode went live earlier this week, but last night’s update to version 2.4 introduced all of the trimmings around the playable content to really usher in the new era of Who. That means a new icon, season 8 music, and new front end art.

Can’t wait for more? We’ve been told that production is “full steam ahead” for content tied to this weekend’s Series 8, Episode 2: Into the Dalek.

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