After a rather dry summer for new releases, the night of August 27th is about to kick things into full swing for iOS gamers. Why? One word: BIOSHOCK.

And if that’s not enough for you, fear not! There’s a fairly broad selection of noteworthy titles coming tonight. Should the following six picks somehow fail to whet your whistle, be sure to tune back into Gamezebo tomorrow morning for the full round-up.



Can a gigantic AAA console game from 2007 squish onto your phone in 2014? 2K is betting on it. It sounds daunting, but considering how smoothly they pulled off XCOM’s mobile transition last year, we’re keeping our fingers tightly crossed.

Tiny Tower Vegas


It’s like Tiny Tower, but with Blackjack. If that sounds trite, let me say it again: It’s like Tiny Tower, but with Blackjack. We’ve been playing this one quietly behind the scenes at Gamezebo for the last month, and… yeah. You’re going to want to download this.

Back to Bed


I’m hesitant to use the word “Monument Valley-alike”, but it seems as though the M.C. Escher art-as-gameplay style now has a second big mobile game to point to. The Steam release from earlier this month has met with mixed reviews, but maybe it will feel a little more at home on mobile? We’ll find out soon.

The Nightmare Cooperative


A Threes-inspired roguelike, our one big complaint when reviewing the PC version earlier this summer was that it felt like it would be so much better on a touch screen. Tonight, our dreams come true.



A spooky, lonely vibe makes this endless sidescroller well worth a look. Not having played it, I’m going to try and refrain from throwing around terms like “the next Badland,” but it certainly seems to have that vibe. Stay tuned for our full review tomorrow.


You can’t throw around terms like “Zelda-inspired puzzle game” without getting our attention. That’s how publisher Crescent Moon Games described this one to us, so you’d better believe we’ll be giving this a try.