What a difference an update can make. Swing Copters, the latest game from Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen, hit the App Store just 5 days ago. And we’ve been cursing at our phones ever since.

Not just because the game was challenging (like Flappy Bird) — but becuase it felt unfairly so. I’d sunk more than a few hours into the game this weekend, and even so, my high score was a paltry 4.

Judging by the game’s reaction on Twitter, we’re not alone in this opinion.

Kudos to Nguyen, then, for today’s development. Just five days into the game’s release, an update is available that makes Swing Copters considerably easier. You’re given more space at the start, more room when squeezing between the girders, and a bigger gap between each set of girders.


In only a few tries, I’ve upped my score to 6. It might not sound like much, but it’s enough to swing my opinion from “Swing Copters sucks” to “I suck at Swing  Copters.”

High five, Dong Nguyen. You’ve successfully pulled Swing Copters out of a tail spin.

[h/t TouchArcade]