If you’re a Star Trek fan with a love for mobile gaming, your options are fairly limited. You can play the officially licensed Triple Triad clone Star Trek Rivals, or the unofficial update of the Star Trek text game Stellar Trek.  You can pretend you’re a member of the crew with your own PADD app. You can even wait for Disruptor Beam’s potentially awesome upcoming title Star Trek: Timelines.

But none of these actions really recreate the feeling of being on the Enterprise, now do they?


Star Trek Trexels does, and in a light, fun, and charming way. Our only complaint with the game when it launched was that it felt a little like a free-to-play game with a premium price.

Today that changes (though we’re not sure for how long). You can grab Star Trek Trexels from the App Store for free.

Act fast – you never know when the price is going to beam back up to $2.99.