Psssst… Want to know a secret? We can tell the future. Honest we can.

Don’t believe me? Just look into the crystal ball below and catch an early look at four of the biggest games that will be hitting the App Store tonight!

Swing Copters


It’s been a while in coming, but Dong Nguyen (creator of Flappy Bird) is about to see if he can work his magic on the App Store a second time. Swing Copters one looks like a vertical twist on his last game, but with hammers. We’ll find out if that really makes a difference when it launches tonight.


PuzzleD_iPhoneSongPop was amazing. MoviePop was not. Knowing how hard it is to repeat success (take a hint, Dong!), developer FreshPlanet has gone in an entirely new direction with their new game launching tonight: BoxPop is a puzzle game about exploring the environment in the L-shape of a Chess knight.

Max Gentlemen

MG_02_Screenshot_2[1]Finally, a game that treats your head exactly how it should: as a hat rack.

Deep Under the Sky

northway1A new game by Richard Edwards and Colin Northway (Incredipede), you step into the squishy strange shoes of a jellyfish… ON VENUS. From what little we’ve seen, it sounds like it should be a very zen game. That’s good – we like zen.