BeaverTap Games’ Mikey Shorts and Mikey Hooks have each been speedrun masterpieces on mobile, and they are ready to make this series a straight-up trilogy with Mikey Boots. Oh, and good news: the game’s been submitted to the App Store and is planned for a September release.

Where Mikey Hooks mixed up the formula by adding in grappling hooks, Mikey Boots‘ differentiator is jet boots, as teased by the ending of Mikey Hooks. This means that flying through caves, and dodging new aerial obstacles will be key.

Mikey Boots Release

There’s no ground movement this time: tapping and holding on each side of the screen will fly upward in that direction. That should prove to be even more different than Mikey Hooks was to Mikey Shorts with the grappling hooks – this is practically a brand-new game by comparison.

Thankfully, many of the familiar elements of the series will still be there. There’s still going to be loads of costume customizations, a total of 42 levels, and two playable characters, including a new female one to go along with Mikey. MFi controller support is in the bag too.

The first two Mikey games remain a couple of the best platforming experiences on mobile, so there’s plenty of reason to keep an eye on this one in the coming weeks.