Spellfall is a match-three / RPG game from Backflip Studios. In this game, you match up elemental game pieces to take down monsters of every shape and size. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you survive the endless night.


  • Collect your daily free treasure box – Spellfall’s in-game store has several treasure boxes for sale. These all contain useful items, some of which are also very rare and powerful. You get a chance to open the bronze box once a day for free. Don’t miss the opportunity – you can find some expensive and helpful weapons and armor in the bronze box.
  • Collect coins from areas purged of monster activity – Visit the world map from time to time. Areas freed of corruption accumulate coins that you can collect. The amount caps quickly, however, so make sure to collect often.
  • Note an enemy’s weakness before heading into battle – Before engaging in a battle, you’re offered story-related information, as well as information about the enemies you’ll be facing off against. Some of the info offered includes enemies’ elemental weaknesses, which can give you an advantage during a fight.
  • Match four or more elemental pieces when possible, even if the elements aren’t the enemy’s weakness – While it’s a good idea to exploit enemies’ elemental weaknesses, you should make a special effort to make matches of four or more. Doing so transforms rows and / or columns into single elements that hit hard and often set off a cascade that hits for huge damage.


  • Invest in healing and siphon runes – Everything is out to get you in Spellfall, and healing isn’t cheap. Invest in runes that heal your hero. Runes that suck away energy with every attack are also a good buy.
  • Charged elemental pieces can be used for special attacks. The more charged pieces, the stronger the attack- Shining elemental pieces set off special attacks when they’re used in a match. Better yet, the damage can be stacked, so don’t be shy about matching two or more charged pieces.
  • Buying new armor or weapons? Check how many open rune sockets are available – Runes are vital for survival in Spellfall, but unlocking new sockets can be very costly. When you buy new equipment, you need to unlock new slots. However, some equipment comes with open sockets. Analyze before you buy.
  • When shopping, consider added effects alongside raw attack and defense numbers – Though you might be tempted to automatically go for weapons and armor with the highest attack and defense, take a look at possible secondary effects. Some equipment may boost your defense against a specific element, or increase your chances of a critical hit.


  • Low on health? May as well grind easy enemies for experience and coins – Spellfall does not heal you between battles. If you’re low on energy, you can wait for it to recharge on its own, or you can pay for an instant heal. Alternatively, you can take down lower-risk enemies for gold and experience (you can also equip health / siphoning runes to slowly restore your vitality!).
  • Check the shop frequently for new deals – The shop changes stock when you defeat enemies. Have a look at what’s on sale. If a piece of equipment fades from the store, don’t fret. It’ll come back around eventually.