If you’re an adult, no doubt the call of “it’s bedtime!” is met with “oh hell yes,” and a subsequent slip into an eight-hour coma.

Things are different for kids, though. When you’re young and your imagination is fresh, bedtime is problematic – even sinister. In Go To Bed by Touchfight Games, bedtime is downright dangerous. When the light goes off, shadowy creatures slither out of the corners to draw closer … and closer … and closer.

Go To Bed is a “bedroom defense horror game.” Though that sounds like something a therapist might recommend to spice up your love life, it’s actually a challenge to keep yourself (cast as a young kid trembling under the covers) alive through the night. Monsters and wolves creep towards you, and if they grab you, it’s curtains.

But as everyone knows, monsters are allergic to light, so if you manage to turn them on in time, you’ll drive back the threat – at least until your parents burst in and demand you “Go the [eff] to sleep.”

Touchfight Games is co-founded by freelance games journalist and Gamezebo alumni Nathan Meunier. Go To Bed is the studio’s first title, and will be available for iOS around Halloween.

Sleep well.