There are plenty of games on Google Play. And some of the best? they might just slip between the cracks.

We hate when that happens.

With that in mind, we’ve collected a quick list of games that are well worth your play time, but might have missed your radar.


SUMICO-Score-big[1]Math games always sound like such a dull proposition, but as Threes! proved earlier this year, you just have to do it right. And Sumico definitely does. You’ll be given a target number and the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide your way to the goal as you drag your way across the screen.



Combining elements of TradeWars 2002 and The Sims, Cosmonautica manages to scratch a strange itch we didn’t know we had. Cosmonautica is still in early access, and there are bugs that remind us of this with every play, but I’ll be damned if it’s mix of intergalactic trade and crew management isn’t a good time.



Life’s a gamble, and in FAIF, that’s quite a literal truth. A fresh take on battle games, FAIF has players betting on groups of five squares. Some of those squares will deliver blows to the enemy – others will backfire. Which square will the luck gods choose in doling out your fate? This might be the best “push your luck” game on mobile devices.



You’re tired of the Flappy genre. We get it. But what if I told you that Shurican was as much Super Meat Boy as it was Flappy Bird? Fiendishly difficult with plenty of obstacles, this is the one flappy-style game you need to have in your life.

Reverse Pacman

Converted_file_5ad84e7cYou know what’s harder than avoiding the ghosts in Pac-Man? Being the ghosts. Reverse Pacman is a line-drawing game that challenges players to rob Pac-Man of his three lives before he clears the board. It’s a pretty ingenious twist on a familiar favorite, and a lot harder than it sounds.