In his Rolling Stone interview back in March, Dong Nguyen teased a lot of possible “next games” from his one-man studio: a cowboy shooter, an action chess game, a vertical flying game called Kitty Jetpack. He also leaked this screen back in May. So which of these managed to score the coveted “next release” spot?

None of them. Welcome to Swing Copters.

To be fair, Swing CoptersĀ could be the end result of Kitty Jetpack — it is a vertical flying game, after all. TouchArcade has the exclusive on this one, showcasing a solid two minutes of gameplay in the video below:

It’s play looks an awful lot like Flappy Bird turned on it’s side, but with swinging hammers added to make things even more difficult. The game will be free, with a 99 cent in-app purchase available if you want to remove the ads.

Want to play Swing Copters for yourself? You won’t have long to wait. The release date for Swing Copters is this Thursday, August 21st.


[via TouchArcade]