Remember that time you couldn’t stop playing Name That Tune? Except it wasn’t called Name That Tune; it was called SongPop, and it was the most clicked app icon you had for at least a solid month.

FreshPlanet, the team behind 2012’s hum-worthy sensation, have just revealed their next game: BoxPop. A puzzle game about the L-shaped movement of a Knight.


If that last sentence sounds terribly confusing, you’ve never played Chess. BoxPop is a puzzle game built around that single style of movement, challenging players to “pop” every “box” on a grid, moving only in a L. Once a box is popped, it disappears from the grid, limiting the squares you can move to.

This sounds exactly like that “simple mechanic/impossible challenge” combo that often does so well on the App Store, and FreshPlanet are no strangers to the #1 spot. Don’t be surprised if you see this one topping charts later this week. BoxPop has a release date of this Thursday, August 21st.