The Pokemon World Championships will be underway this weekend in Washington D.C., but while there’s another night of sleep before the cards start flying, that doesn’t mean that attendees aren’t getting a sneak peek at all the action.

Take Josh Wittenkeller for instance, better known as TheJWittz. As a livelong devotee and one of the top Pokemon YouTubers, you’d better believe that he’s spending the weekend in the capitol district. (FUN FACT: Josh is Gamezebo alumni!)

Moments ago, Josh pushed out this following tweet, confirming a prediction I made all too long ago – the App Store is getting a real Pokemon game:

Well… so long as you consider the card game real. That said, I think I have more fun with these than I do the video games, so I consider Pokemon: The Trading Card Game Online coming to iPad a very big win.

Josh further went on to state that no release date is available at this time, but that “it was running really well.”

Hooray Pokemon! We’ll be sure to share more news as soon as we have it.