It’s official: we’ve hit the summer doldrums. There aren’t a lot of big games to expect on the App Store tonight, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few worth keeping an eye on. In particular, we’ve got our hopes fairly high for these four:



This is the one real indie game I managed to find when fiddling with Windows Phone 8, and tonight it makes it’s way to iOS. In the original, you were tasked with evading police in a never-ending chase through an inescapable mall parking lot. In tonight’s release though, we’ll be treated to five tracks instead of just the mall.

Happy Cube Death Arena


Another simple (and totally free) avoidance game, you’ll need to jump and ground pound your way through a variety of obstacles as you strive to set a high score. We’ve seen plenty of super-simple one-touch games lately, but I don’t think we’ve seen one that looks this cute and polished in a while.


Looking for a Sierra-style adventure that you can stick in your pocket? Bik might just be the answer. It managed to get some love in it’s PC release earlier this summer, and the music in the trailer just can’t seem to get out of my ears.

Corpse Party


Another PSP port to iOS, Corpse Party seemed well received by it’s intended audience back in 2011. EGM summed it up better than our limited experience can, so we’ll leave it to them: “Many will… write it off as a goofy Japanese horror title filled with too much text and too little gameplay–and I understand why … Corpse Party is an okay game but an utterly fantastic experience.”