Snapchat, the quick “watch it once and then it’s gone!” video and photo mobile messenger service is all the rage nowadays — it’s been in the top 10 free apps for as long as I can remember, and even fought off a $3 billion acquisition by Facebook.

To put that into perspective, that’s 50% than Facebook paid for Oculus VR.

So with all of that goodwill and a massive userbase, you’d expect them to start coloring outside the lines a bit. They haven’t (at least not yet), so another company is stepping in to give it a shot with a similar piece of software.

SnapDare utilizes Snapchat-like functionality to challenge gamers to the world’s (potentially) largest game of Truth or Dare.

Players will select a pre-determined challenge to send (or create their own), and the recipient will have to respond via photo, video, or text reply.

So yes – that means you can challenge your friends to walk down the street in their underwear in the middle of a frozen Canadian winter, chugging beer and greeting locals. (Editor’s Note: I actually know this guy).


Will SnapDare grow to be a serious competitor to Snapchat? Probably not, but it’s cool to see messaging apps getting a playable spin.

You can download SnapDare for free from the App Store.