Dumbledore had it tough. If you’ve finished the Harry Potter series, you might even say (SPOILER) tougher than most. But he was old, and you’re young and nimble. You can headmaster a school of wizards better than that old coot Bumblebore, am I right?

Wizards of Prestige will put that notion to the test, offering up plenty of students to mentor spells to research.


Judging by the preview trailer, the game seems to be primarily simulation based, though there will be a battle component to Wizards of Prestige too. Combat will take place in real time, with players choosing the timing and power of spells.

The developers are also promising battle pets. Kind of makes Potter’s mail-delivering owl seem like a chump, doesn’t it?


There’s no release date to speak of just yet, but the developers at Loqheart are inviting early testers to check the game out. But while Wizards of Prestige is eventually headed to smartphones and tablets, fair warning: the early access testing will be entirely browser-based.

By the way – if Loqheart sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve very likely played their previous game Cannon Cat. And if you haven’t, go do that now. It’s like a love letter to the barrel-blasting ways of Donkey Kong Country, and it’s as awesome as it sounds.