There were hundreds – literally hundreds – of new iPhone and iPad games released in the last 24 hours. No matter how you slice it, that’s a lot. But hey – that’s the Thursday morning release panic for you.

We’ve sorted through those hundreds of games to pick out 10 that we think are worth your attention this week. NEW IOS RELEASE LIST GO!


screen1136x1136[1]After a lengthy stay in Steam’s Early Access program, Peter Molyneux’s latest god game has finally made it’s way to mobile. Considering this is the dude pretty much responsible for the genre (he created Populous, Black & White), you’d better believe this is worth checking out.

Dragon Quest IV

screen1136x1136[1]Yes yes, it’s funny that it’s called “DARGON QUEST IV” on the App Store. But let’s not miss the point: this has always been an amazing RPG, right back from the glory days of the NES. Dragon or Dargon, this deserves a place in your RPG collection.


screen1136x1136[1]The latest game from TheCodingMonkeys is devilishly brilliant. With every round of play, you’ll be given a new rule that  you’ll need to remember in the order it’s been given. We’ve played it in pre-release and it’s crazy good fun. Expect our full review soon, but while you wait, we promise – this one’s a definite buy.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf: The Shianti Halls

screen1136x1136[1]Part gamebook, part action, Lone Wolf has been a pretty cool series so far. The third chapter has just launched, though as an in-app purchase, you’ll need the original game. Lucky for you it’s free right now.

Adventure Time: Time Tangle

screen1136x1136[1]Forget endless running – how about endless punching? Finn the Human kicks butt in this charming little spin on the endless runner genre.

Space Colors

screen_011[1]Sometimes you just want to make things explode. This is a game that’ll look pretty while you do it.

The Outcast

screen1136x1136[1]An experiment in real-time story-telling, you’ll only be able to progress so far before you have to shut it down and wait for the next big of the adventure to occur. Is it any good? We have no idea. But it’s certainly unique enough to warrant a look from narrative gaming fans.

Frontier Heroes

screen1136x1136[1]A collection of mini-games celebrating the lives of early Americans from… The HISTORY Channel? Wait.. actual history? I refuse to believe it. There has to be some sort of alien conspiracy/doomsday prepper nonsense in there somewhere, right?

99 Challenges

screen1136x1136[1]The name probably says it all, and the screenshot covers what it doesn’t. Descend floor after floor in this one-touch platformer full of impossible obstacles.

Run Forrest Run

screen1136x1136[1]Remember that time we scratched our heads at the notion of a Forrest Gump endless runner? For better or worse, it’s finally here.