Make love, not war. If love isn’t in the cards (because of, say, a cootie epidemic), make simulated war, not actual war.

apc-boom[1]Warbits is a turn-based strategy game from Risky Lab. The premise revolves around virtual wars fought in a digital world as an alternate to actually planting a bullet inside a human being. Imagine a world where you can return a “Yo’ momma” comment by calmly setting down your tea, picking up your game device, and blowing away your foe’s faction on a battlefield made of bits and bytes. What a beautiful future to aspire towards.

Aesthetically and gameplay-wise Warbits is an homage to Nintendo’s Advance Wars strategy series, albeit with asynchronous multiplayer in addition to local pass-and-play options.


Players and enemy factions take turns moving soldiers and weaponry around maps made up of varying terrain. When rivals cross paths, they virtually make war.

Warbits is coming to iOS, and Risky Lab says the game will be done “real soon,” because if it’s not, their wives will probably leave them. Good incentive.