The developers behind 2013’s open world survival game, State of Decay, are shifting their focus towards a new IP – one that is quite a departure from a world filled with zombies and scavenging humans.

In Moonrise, an event called “the Moonrise” ushers in the horrors of darkness. The world is basked in shadow and the peaceful Solari are warped into evil creatures called Lunari that ravage across the lands unchecked. Also unlike State of Decay, Moonrise is a real-time RPG that will be available initially on mobile devices.


As players defeat the Lunari, the creatures phase back to their natural Solari selves. The freed Solari can then join with the player to create a team of monsters ready to tackle even larger Lunari threats.

Undead Labs promises “hundreds” of Solari for players to collect, and multiplayer battles will be available alongside the game’s single-player adventure.


Jeff Strain, Undead Labs’ founder, commented on the studio’s shift of attention, from State of Decay to Moonrise. Strain promises State of Decay fans that Moonrise’s announcement does not mean the end of development for the survival horror game.

“…our commitment to State of Decay is stronger than ever,” Strain wrote on the studios’ website. He went on to point out a number of factors that show State of Decay is still very much a major focus, but claimed it takes time to shape those factors into the game itself. “So while the core State of Decay team continued to work on those things after the release of the game last summer, we built another team to take on a new project we’d been thinking about, which became Moonrise.”


Moonrise is set to debut on iOS and Android devices in early 2015. A beta will be available this Fall and the game will officially debut later this month at PAX Prime.

No word on if Moonrise will be free-to-play or not, but a partnership with Kabam certainly hints at a free-to-play future.