Micromon is a monster breeding / fight game from Pocket Trend. In this game, you capture fantastic digital beasts called “Micromon” and fight against other trainers while following along with the game’s story. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you unleash the beast.


  • Micromon have different elemental strengths and weaknesses – As is the case with most monster-fighting games, Micromon’s stable of fantastic beasties that utilize a certain elemental power. There are four elements: Fire, Water, Wind, and Mineral. Fire is weak against Water, and strong against Wind. Water is strong against Fire, and weak against Wind. Wind is strong against Water, and Weak against Fire. Mineral is weak against Water, and strong against Wind. There are also Normal-type Micromon, which are neutral and lack elemental powers
  • Save the game! – Seems like basic advice, but Micromon lacks an auto-save feature. If all your Micromon fall in battle, you’re booted back to your last save. This can be supremely frustrating if you neglected to save after a difficult battle or a text-heavy story moment. Note: The game does auto-save when you win Micromon eggs in the lottery.
  • Don’t dawdle in the tall grass after a battle – Won a battle? Good for you! Don’t stand around and pat yourself on the back, though. The grass under your feet can start rustling again at any moment, and when that happens, you’re pulled into another fight. If you’re not prepared for another battle, you could be in trouble.
  • Level grinding? Look for Z’s in the weeds – Level grinding is a big part of Micromon. If you’re out training your monsters, keep an eye out for Z’s drifting from the tall grass. Engage that particular patch of grass for a chance to get a surprise hit on a snoozing Micromon.


  • Simply seeing a Micromon puts it in your database – Don’t feel obligated to “Catch ’em All.” Spying a Micromon in battle gives you enough information to fill your database.
  • Micromon hatched from store-bought eggs are stronger than wild Micromon, and develop more quickly – Any Micromon captured in the in-game lottery – whether rare or common – has a top-tier development rate. This means they become stronger much more quickly than wild Micromon with a low development rate. Also, lottery Micromon hatch at the same level as the highest-level Micromon in your party.
  • Save your Super Chips for Super Rare and Ultra Rare catches – The rarity tier for Micromon runs thusly: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, and Legendary. It’s not too difficult to catch Common through Rare Micromon with regular chips, but Super Rare and Ultra Rare catches are bound to be a struggle without super chips. Remember to knock down the wild Micromon’s hit points as low as possible before using a chip. Otherwise you might lose the catch.
  • Don’t bother catching Micromon with low development rates – Unless you’re catching a Micromon to complete your collection, there’s no point in wasting time with Micromon that have low development rates (marked as “DR” in its stats). Micromon with low DR develop slowly, and are quickly outclassed by Micromon with high DR. Going lower than 5 is generally not a good idea.


  • Faster Micromon have huge advantages over slower ones  – Faster Micromon (Micromon with speeds of 4 or higher) tend to have lower attack and defense than their stronger, slower cousins, but they make up for it by often getting two consecutive attacks in many fights. Faster Micromon are also apt to learn healing moves, which lets them attack and heal in a single round.
  • Some attacks require stamina, so fight accordingly – Micromon have several moves, each of which is paired up with a number. Some moves, like Scratch and Bite, cost zero stamina to use. However, stronger moves usually require stamina. Each Micromon has a pool of stamina points that is depleted whenever it’s necessary. Stamina isn’t replenished until the player uses a restorative item, or until the Micromon are healed at a Blue Fox Shop.
  • Trainer fights offer loads of experience, but can be quite difficult – There are other Micromon trainers hanging out everywhere. They’re indicated with an icon of crossed swords floating above their heads. You can fight trainers for huge amounts of experience, but be aware that trainer battles are often far harder than tussling with wild Micromon. Trainers won’t fight with you unless you give them explicit permission, so feel free to return later after you’ve souped up your Micromon a bit.