Noodlecake Studios, the folks behind Super Stickman Golf, have since expanded into publishing. They helped release the fantastic Wayward Souls on Android earlier this year, and now, working with developer, they’re helping to release Joinz.

“Joinz is a clever block sliding puzzle game that can be best described as Tetris meets Threes!,” according to the company’s website. “Using swipe controls, players must arrange blocks on the playing field and ‘join’ them together to create the required Tetris style shapes at the top of the screen.”

joinz1While the only trailer currently up for Joinz doesn’t show any gameplay, its screenshots make the Tetris/Threes! comparison seem pretty apt. Also like those games, the publisher promises there will be “no in app purchases or timers or anything like that.”

A release date and final pricing for Joinz are forthcoming, but we’ll likely see them around the same time as a trailer featuring actual gameplay.