Fantasy Forest Story is an animal breeding / park building game from TeamLava. In this game, you breed mythical hybrid animals and house them in a fantastic park of your own making. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you raise some magnificent beasts.


  • If you have an animal with more than one nature, think carefully about which habitat to house them in – Many of Fantasy Forest Story’s animals are more than one “type” – meaning, they belong to more than one elemental group (fire, water, earth, nature). Animals need to be housed in a habitat that caters to one of their types, but it’s not a good idea to stick them anywhere without a second thought. For instance, Armordillos are earth- and- fire-types. Fire habitats stop collecting coins once they reach 250, but earth habitats can hold far more coins (2,300) before the cash stops accumulating. It therefore makes more sense to put an Armordillo in a earth habitat instead of a fire habitat.
  • Grow food constantly – Your animals eat like monsters, especially when they grow beyond level four. Place as many farms on your property as your level allows, and keep them productive. You may think you have enough food to keep your animals growing, but chances are you don’t.
  • Grow crops according to how you play the game – Growing lots of low-yield crops takes far less time than growing expensive, high-yield crops – but doing the former only makes sense if you’re willing and able to harvest constantly. If you plan to play for a while, grow low-yield crops. If you’re leaving the game for a time, set up some high-yield crops to harvest when you return.
  • Don’t neglect the arena – The arena is a great way to earn coins, food, and even rare animals. Fight often!


  • Consider your animal’s rarity, type, and level when fighting in the arena – Animals’ elemental types and their strength / weaknesses are similar to what you’d find in a Pokemon game. Fire is weak against earth, but strong against nature. Nature is weak against earth, but strong against water. And so on. An animal’s type is only one factor to consider when starting a fight. You should also consider its rarity and level. The higher the rarity and level, the more damage it’ll dish out regardless of its type.
  • Some animals can only be found through expansion – Some animals can only be discovered when you expand into new territory, so make sure to save up for expansions.
  • When you have a new animal, feed it until it at least reaches level four – Due to moral conflicts, baby animals can’t breed or fight in the arena. Feed them until they reach level four, which is officially adulthood. Adults can breed and fight, and they bring in far more money than babies.


  • Complete goals to earn gems – The best way to earn gems (besides paying for them) is to meet achievements.  Access the ribbon-shaped icon on the left side of the screen to see what’s on tap.
  • Don’t spend gems on animal purchases – You can buy just about any animal available in the game if you have enough gems. However, the cost is very high, and not necessarily worth it. You can gain any animal for your garden as long as you have the time and patience necessary to breed them. Rarer animals may take several tries to acquire, however.