There are two kinds of Pac-Man games: those that play it safe, and those that think outside of the box.

Announced last week at the San Diego Comic Con, Pac-Man Friends looks to be more of the latter.


The game’s official press release promises “hours of light-hearted, fun adventure,” but gives little in the way of details.  That said, it does confirm tilt control as a central mechanic, and that your objective will be to “maneuver PAC-MAN through progressively challenging mazes to rescue his FRIENDS from the GHOSTS’ castle!”

Bandai Namco sure likes their capital letters.


In a more “playing it safe” announcement, the company has also confirmed a second Pac-Man mobile title is on the way this year: the critically acclaimed Pac-Man Championship Edition: DX will be playable in your pocket in late November.

Pac-Man Friends will be arriving on mobile devices this September.