As part of the festivities at this week’s San Diego Comic Con, mobile gamesmaker Pixowl (Greedy Grub, The Sandbox) made a surprise announcement about everybody’s favorite grumpy cat – they’ll be creating a brand new Garfield mobile game due for release this Fall.

Dubbed “Garfield: Survival of the Fattest,” players will help Garfield as he struggles with his new weight loss regimen.

Garfield-Survival-of-the-Fattest-Teasing-PosterThat crash you just heard? It was the sound of lasagna stock prices plummeting through the floor.

“I love the playfulness and whimsical gameplay that Pixowl brings to with all their mobile titles,” said Garfield’s creator Jim Davis in today’s press release. “Garfield is tickled to be part of their growing catalog of games that tell a fun and entertaining story.”

Not only do Pixowl have some great mobile games under their belt, but the Garfield franchise does too. (Garfield Kart in particular is an easy recommendation to make). And with their cartoony approach to game art, Pixowl seems like a great match.

There’s no word on what the actual gameplay will be like yet, but we’ll keep our ear to the ground and share the news the moment we hear. In the meantime, at least we have the great teaser trailer above to whet our appetites.