Are the France-based developers at Space Bears crafting the next big minimalist hit in Kingdoms? Quite possibly.

Featuring a simple, abstract style, players place tiles, trying to capture as much of the board as possible, while also trying to block off their opponents, and taking over their kingdoms. Each turn of two moves each can involve either taking over a new square, or protecting an existing one, so finding a balance between blocking off an opponent and conquering more territory becomes key.


The game is designed for two-player local play, but it’s possible to play against a computer opponent. No word on if the game will support asynchronous multiplayer – which could be an interesting feature for this game, to be sure. The game – which has received numerous press accolades from those who have already played it, including being a finalist at the PG Connects Big Indie Pitch, is planned to launch in August or September with a $0.99 launch sale price, and an expected $1.99 price after that.

This kind of minimalist yet deeper-than-it looks type of game has become extremely popular, so it stands to reason that this could be a huge hit as well. Still, only time will tell if it winds up being as good as it’s hyped to be – and if its clever concept turns into actual sales.