Despite the “Angry” descriptor in its name, few of the birds populating Angry Birds Stella look all that irritated.

Rovio’s upcoming bird-flinger stars the titular Stella, the pink female bird we’ve seen hanging around in other Angry Birds titles. She’s joined by a flock of pastel-colored friends, including Luca (a small blue bird), Poppy (a square-ish yellow bird), Dahlia (a tan bird) and Willow (a small bird with a big, big toque).

The gameplay in Angry Birds Stella appears to backslide into traditional Angry Birds territory, with a whole lot of birds body-slamming into pigs. Stella and her pals all have different strengths and weaknesses, not unlike the original Angry Birds cast.

Angry Birds Stella may contain more story elements than its predecessors, however. For instance, Stella’s former best friend, Gale, orders the bad piggies around and serves as the game’s antagonist. Surely we’ll learn more about her downfall.

Angry Birds Stella hits mobile devices in September. The game is capable of interacting with Telepods, and we’ll see a new set release along with the game. A full trailer will be revealed at Comic-Con later this week, but Rovio has released a teaser in the meantime.

[via Gamemob]