Do you like color-matching? We like color-matching. 999,999 other people like it too. Only 23 days after the game’s launch, the developers at Adonis Software have just shared the good news with Gamezebo: they’ve just hit the 1 million download mark. (CORRECTION: it’s actually closer to 1.5 million, as Adonis has just confirmed that it only took 14 days to reach the 1 million milestone).

To celebrate, they’re opening the game up to the billions of gamers on Android. Watercolors is now available on Google Play for the first time, and just like on iOS, it’s a completely free* offering. (ok, there are in-app purchases, but they’re really optional. You can enjoy everything the game has to offer without spending a dime).

If you like peaceful, yet mind-aching puzzle game, give it a download. And if you’re stuck, be sure to check out our free Watercolors guide for some tips.