The 30th anniversary party That is Tetris in 2014 continues to roll on. The latest crazy stunt? 293 people mashed their tetrominos together last night to created the largest game of human Tetris ever conceived.

It’s not as dirty as it sounds.

We think.


As you might have expected, this seems to have been one part publicity stunt, two parts licensing deal. The tetrominos these folks are in? Courtesy of Morph Costumes, the official licensee for Tetris-brand costumes.

“The Tetrimino pieces are a favorite for at-home costume creators and we wanted to enable fans worldwide to dress up as their favorite Tetrimino,” Morph Costumes Sara McCraigt said in the stunt’s official PR piece. “The costumes we’ve created use pop-up tent technology so you can go from human to Tetrimino in seconds, which proved invaluable when trying to get almost 300 people set up and slotted together in less than an hour.”

Fun PR stunt? Absolutely. But if you ask me, it’s not Human Tetris unless they’re all lying calmly on the ground in grid formation… with finished lines of humans disappearing completely.