Looking for a silly good way to waste your Friday afternoon? Ben Ward, aka  50% of the team behind Ben There, Dan That and Time Gentleman, Please! has released a Twine game that delivers more than enough of the funny.

Available for free in-browser, The Often-Ending Story takes players on a text-based journey that, well… ends. A lot. That’s ok though, because restarting the story and making different choices will take you on a good number of adventures (which, yes, you’ll die in too).


If you’ve played any of Ward’s previous games, you should know that “humor” is something that he and co-conspirator Dan Marshall are quite good at. We’ve had a pretty good chuckle playing The Often-Ending Story this morning, and we think you will too.

Give it a try, and if you love it as much as we do, be sure to tell your friends. This thing deserves all the eyes it can get.