Lucien Bos has launched a Kickstarter for a stylish puzzle game, Phyre – but it might be a tough sell on a platform not known for funding mobile games.

025c6546c0c809f52e877d4695d0021b_large[1]The fascinating thing about Phyre is that it takes the kind of sliding boxes gameplay where going in one direction without stopping exists, but adds a speed element to it: levels are about turning all the black blocks to white, but doing so as quickly as possible to get a high score by maintaining a high multiplier. It’s a play-style that Bos hopes will lead to a variety of levels, from 10 seconds to 2 minutes, with high replayability.

The reasons for the funding a game with an intentionally minimalist in style is to to fill the need for additional staff: a programmer to help bring the game to iOS, a composer to help make music, and a level designer to help improve the game’s levels.

8f0bce378cfbebe5a1b4da4581a394d3_large[1]Being a mobile-first game, Phyre may find itself having a hard time on Kickstarter. Remember, Republique needed to promise PC support in order to help get funded. The Unity-powered game currently runs on Android and an iOS version is planned if funded.

The buy-in to get a copy of the game is €2 (about US$2.72 based on exchange rates at the time of writing) A version for Windows is planned as the second stretch goal at €10,000 (about US$13,620), and Vita support is something Bos wants to do too. There aren’t many pledges yet, but this isn’t necessarily a sign against the game’s future prospects. For all we know, Threes! might have been a hard sell on Kickstarter.

Here’s to hoping Bos can overcome the mobile-first Kickstarter stigma and secure a future for Phyre.