Are you a speed demon with a cheerful disposition? Chances are you’ve been playing No Brakes, the charming little time-sink from Totebo Ltd.

We’ve been playing too, and we’ve assembled the five best tips we can think of to help you beef up your high score.


1. The Track is a Lop-sided Figure 8


You may not realize it as you’re exploring on a tightly zoomed-in screen, but No Brakes offers up a surprisingly simple figure-8 track to master. That said, nothing’s perfect. In No Brake’s case, the figure-8 is severely lopsided. The portion of the course on the lower half of your screen is a perfect, tiny circle. On the upper half you’ll navigate around a much larger square. Memorize this simple layout and you’ll be miles ahead of your Game Center rivals.

2. Turn Early, Not Often


While you’re probably not going to mistake it for 2 Fast 2 Furious, No Brakes is fundamentally about drifting around corners. This means turning early to ride out the drift and complete a perfect turn. The faster you’re going, the earlier you’ll need to start that drift. Just remember: only turn when you need to. If you start futzing around before that, you won’t be set up to nail that accomplish that next right turn.

3. Give Yourself a Wide Berth


Big turns require big spaces, so you’re going to want to give yourself a lot of room — especially at high speeds. Never occupy the half of the lane opposite to your turning direction. If you’re turning right, stay in the middle or on the right side. Being too far to the left is going to be bad news. That said…

4. Don’t Hug the Cornersnobrakes03

Drifting isn’t quite as “drifty” as you might be expecting. It’s all too easy to overturn just a hair and end up careening into the inside wall. If you want to survive, don’t do this. Aim to stay as close to the middle as you can, but always between middle and the direction you’re turning.

5. Change Things Up: Turn Your Car Around


Just because you don’t have brakes doesn’t mean you’re completely without choice in your perilous drive. No Brakes gives you the freedom to explore its map in any way you feel best. Have you been sticking with the standard figure-8 pattern in your starting direction? Turn around and try counter-clockwise! Or why not do a few circular laps around the lower part of the course? Experiment with different approaches until you find the one that’s right for you.