It seems to be a big week for quick, quirky games. While Timberman seems to be chopping its way to the #1 spot, No Brakes is cruising into place not far behind.

screen1136x1136[1]A similarly simple game, No Brakes puts players behind the wheel of a vehicle that just keeps going faster and faster. It’s your job to steer, drifting around corners as you attempt to set a record high speed.

While it may sound frantic, the soft visuals and gentle soundtrack actually make this one a surprisingly relaxing experience.

The gameplay reminds me of Tiny Car, but only if Tiny Car was about warm hugs and not iPhone-throwing frustration.

And before you ask, no, this is not the same as No Brakes Valet — a parking game that’s still one of the best things on OUYA (and later made its way to iOS and Android).

No Brakes is currently sitting at #5 on the Top Free Apps chart, and climbing. Give this one a download on iOS or Android to see for yourself just how fast you can go.