Depending on your disposition, both apps are brilliantly simple or vastly over-hyped.  And now there is a game that brings Yo and Flappy Bird together.  Sort of.

For those not in the know, Flappy Bird is the extremely simple game where you control a bird the tap of your finger to avoid death by pipes.  Yo is a messenger app where you can send a “yo” message to your friends with one tap of the finger.  Yo also has a simple API that lets you send  “Yo” for any instance or event.  And that’s where Yo Plays Flappy Bird comes in.

Developed by Alex Kern and Angel Say, Yo Plays Flappy Bird lets you send a “Yo” to “yoplaysflappy” and “yoplayflappy2.”  This triggers the web version of Flappy Bird on their site on so you can play a session of Flappy Bird online.


What’s the point of this?   Honestly, I don’t know.  But, it does portend to movement in game design where any programmer can hack together a new game experience to create something new.

Does Yo Plays Flappy Bird work?  Not really.  I happen to have Yo on my phone so I tried it out.  I thought it was cool and played it a couple of times.  Neat concept and experience for about two minutes of my life.

One day, however, some other developer is going to combine two different game and app concepts together in an afternoon, and that will be the next big thing in games.

For about a week.

Download Yo and play Yo Plays Flappy Bird.