Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games and Gears of War fame has made a few big announcements recently. One, he’s found a home at the new studio Boss Key he’s founded with Arjan Brussee, with whom he worked on Jazz Jackrabbit way back in the day. And only days after his return to the gaming industry has become public, Boss Key’s first game has been announced: Blue Streak. It’s an arena-based first-person shooter. Oh, and it’s going to be free-to-play, published by Nexon.

Blue Streak Logo

Perhaps that sound you heard was the heads of core gamers spinning at the news. But it’s a sign of how far the attitude of free-to-play has come, perhaps. Here’s a guy who’s worked on some legitimate gaming classics like Tyrian, worked on Unreal back before it was an engine powering Flappy Bird clones, and just generally has a resume that reads “hardcore gaming.” And for his next big career move, he’s making a free-to-play game. It’s still a sci-fi arena first-person shooter, Boss Key’s not going to rock the boat that hard – but it’s a sign of the times.

Boss Key Logo

While there’s very few details on Blue Streak outside of “it’s a free-to-play sci-fi arena first-person shooter” and it’s a code name subject to change, expect to hear a lot more soon. Bleszinski is hosting a Q&A on Wednesday, June 9th, at 5:30 PM EDT and will be talking about Boss Key on Aisha Tyler’s podcast at San Diego Comic-Con.