No matter what, HexSweep is not an easy game, and to a large degree, it’s about reflexes and performing in the moment. But there are a few tips we can give you on how to be better at this game.

1. Don’t be afraid to play conservatively while trying to beat a level.

You can’t approach beating a level for the first time in the same way that you do trying to get three stars. It may be tempting to take risks, especially with the ever-decreasing fuel meter, but fuel is more about getting a lot of turbo boosts, not just enough to beat the level. So, take things one step at a time, especially on levels where the requisite turbo count is in the low 10s. Keep an eye out for boost pads to run over that are reachable, but don’t feel the need to go for out-of-reach ones just because that fuel meter has decreased a bit. Even if you do let fuel run out, you might be seeing more of the track at different speeds, which will help you out when you do complete it.

2. Boost chains are almost always worth collecting.

HexSweep Tips 2

There is one key exception to playing conservatively, and that is if you see a chain of at least 3 boosts in a row. Consider it a way to get closer to the goal while putting in less effort than it takes to get one boost pad that might be right by a blocker. Learn where these boost chains are in each level, and hit them every time!

3. Treat tricky levels like playing a rhythm game.

This is especially true for the levels with larger boost counts to complete them. It helps to memorize the timing of taps when you know specific blocker patterns are on the way. There are multiple levels where I only managed to beat them by practically memorizing tap sequences to get out of the way of everything. The levels are fixed and unchanging: take advantage of this!

4. Recognize the visual tricks of the track’s curvature.

HexSweep Tips 3

The curvature of the track can cause visual illusions. Sometimes a blocker that looks like it’s in the way will actually not be – and you might have just moved right into its way. Same with turbo boosts, it’s easy to move out of the way of a boost chain. Recognize when the track is turning, and what actually is in front of you in your lane! As well, try to avoid sections of the track that are convex, curving downward as these can obscure your vision of what’s coming up. Try to stay on track sections that are concave, curving upward, in order to get the best view of what’s ahead. Even a microsecond quicker view of what’s coming can be the difference between life and death.

5. The first lap is very important.

You can craft a consistent experience on that first lap – figuring out the right path will help if and when the second lap comes, when the game may be so fast that you’re having to rely on reflexes alone to survive. The less time you spend trying to just complete a level, the less likely you will be to die before completing it, and when going for 3 stars, you’ll have more fuel left to get more boosts.

6. When you do get all the turbo boosts, don’t stop playing!

HexSweep Tips 1

The game says “keep going” in a way that’s both good advice and a big hindrance toward doing just that, because it serves as a distraction from getting more boosts as the game is still going while that message is on screen! So, keep an eye out for more boosts to run over, especially as you’re now in the danger-free part of the level. The boosts you collect in this part of the level, while the alert is on screen, may just be the difference between two stars and three.

7. Three star pursuits are basically a different game.

The mistake that HexSweep makes is to teach players to go for three stars early on. It’s an entirely different pursuit, as the blockers serve as landmarks for when to switch lanes. So, three stars quests become about reflexes, switching to lanes with turbo boosts quickly. The game shifts from being rhythm-based to a reaction-based one because high speeds make it difficult to even tell where you are sometimes. Just remember: sometimes you don’t need to move to pick up boosts, and boosts that may have been by blockers might be valuable pickups now.

Hopefully these tips help you beat more levels and get 2-star rankings on more levels!