We hold these truths to be self-evident, that pandas are @#$%ing awesome, and indie games about pandas are also @#$%ing awesome.

– The Declaration of Indie Pandas

Happy Indie Pandas Day, America! It’s hard to believe that 248 years have passed since our forefathers first recognized the importance of pandas in independent video games — a marvelously forward thinking thought, considering video games were still 200 years away (and the West didn’t even learn about pandas until 1869).

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve gathered together five panda-filled indie games to help you pass the time while you’re waiting in line at the Indie Pandas Day BBQ.




Sure they seem cute and cuddly, but we must never forget that PANDAS ARE BEARS, AND BEARS ARE TERRIFYING. The upcoming Bearzerkers (an upgrade on the gamejam sensation Pandamonium) will have players controlling the environment in an attempt to teach these wild animals where they really belong in the food chain.


Panda Poet


SpryFox is best known as the creative force behind Triple Town, but did you know that their love for bears goes beyond the match-3 genre? Panda Poet is a word game that we couldn’t quite get enough of back when it first launched. If this one flew under your radar, maybe now is the perfect time to spell “indie” or “panda” with friends.


Land-a Panda

Did you know that pandas like to be tossed through the air? I did, but only because the entirety of my education comes from the App Store. Land-a Panda was my tutor on this one – a puzzle game


Double Panda


A cute little puzzle platformer that can be played in your browser, Neutronized’s Double Panda celebrates the beast in both its forms: both the black and white giant panda, and the inexplicably less popular red panda. Fun fact: only one of those two is a bear.


Dr. Panda (franchise)


If you’re a mom or a dad, there’s a very good chance you’re already familar with Dr. Panda. He’s the star of a series of toddler-friendly mobile games that take place everywhere from hospitals to beauty salons. As a small studio devoted to providing educational value via games, it’s hard not to give a little panda love to what Tribe Play is doing.