In May 2014, Jim Squires, editor in chief of GameZebo, asked a pertinent question: “Why hasn’t anyone brought back Q*Bert?”

In July 2014, Q*Bert is being brought back. Sony Pictures, who do own the Q*Bert license as Jim pointed out, are working with developers Galaxy Pest Control and Gonzo Games to bring a new version of Q*Bert to Steam and mobile.

The meat of the game will be the new Rebooted mode, taking the classic gameplay and bringing it into 3D, though trying to stay true to the original game’s style The big structural change from the original is the new hexagonal tile, which will make for more ways to jump around from block to block. There will be a number of new characters including the Qbert-unicorn hybrid Qnicorn. There will be various new monster traps to help take out pesky enemies, and powerups to buy.


For those who prefer their Q*Bert in more of an 80’s style, there’s also the Classic mode, which is promised to be virtually unmodified from the original game, with jagged 2D visuals in tow.

Q*Bert Reloaded will debut on Steam for Windows and Mac July 8th for $4.99 with achievements and gamepad support in tow; iOS and Android versions are coming later, with the game apparently optimized for touchscreens, and potentially optimized for more free-to-play type of mechanics.

Now, Jim, which game should we use your powers to revive next?