Last summer, Jeremy Snead took to Kickstarter to pitch his project, Video Games: The Movie. By that time, Snead had already filmed large portions of the movie at prior game conferences and industry events, he just needed $60,000 to finish the film and give it the polish he believed it deserved. Over $100k in funding  and a year later, we are finally getting a first full look at Video Games: The Movie.

And, if you’re wondering: no, this has nothing to do with Indie Game: The Movie.

Video Games: The Movie focuses on four aspects of the game industry: the history, the culture, the creation, and the future. Featuring guest stars like Cliff Bleszinski, Palmer Luckey, Reggie Fils-Amie, Peter Molyneux, Zach Braff, Ernest Cline, Whil Wheton, and plenty more, the feature-length documentary will attempt to set straight a number of misconceptions about gamers, and the games industry as a whole.

Because the Kickstarter managed to surpass the original goal, Snead was able to fund the acquisition of a celebrity narrator to do voice-over work for Video Games: The Movie. Early last month Snead revealed that Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings, The Goonies) signed on as narrator.

“I originally wanted him to be in the film with an on-camera interview,” Snead says of Astin’s involvement with the film in an interview with Retro Magazine, “but through becoming friends and talking deeply about the film, his involvement evolved into becoming our narrator, which now that I look back seems like such an obvious choice. He’s a real gamer and geek while at the same time all of our parents know and love him too, so it’s a great balance to have him as the ‘voice’ of the film.”

Video Games: The Movie will be available digitally on July 15th, and will appear in select theaters on July 18th.