Supernauts is a strategy building game from Grand Cru. In this game, your goal is to craft building materials and build structures to solve puzzles and bring out your own creativity. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips, hints, and cheats that will help you make the right match.

Tips & Strategies

  • Complete Outlines – Take note of the outlines that are used to show you how to build certain structures. These guides will help you when you want to create your own worlds as you progress. On top of being a good guide, completing these outlines will also complete goals netting you extra money.

Supernauts 1

  • Erase Structures – You can remove structures with the Zapper in your world to remove structures. This will allow you to use the blocks that made up the structure however you like as they will be placed back into your inventory
  • Adjust Camera View – To make building structures easier, make sure you have your camera adjusted allowing you to place blocks in the proper place. You can use two finger to adjust the angle, and one finger to pan the camera.
  • Use the Block Market – The Block Market is an easy way to make extra money, useful for you to expand your world. If you have extra building materials you don’t need, you can trade them away for extra money. You can switch out offers if they don’t suit your needs.

Supernauts 4

  • Join A Crew – To earn extra money, including Gems, you should join a crew. A crew is a group of real-life builders that compete in contests to earn money by completing specific goals. You need your World Core to be at least level 5 before you can join or create a crew. Depending on how your crew finishes determines how big of a reward you will receive.
  • Build & Upgrade New Makers and Bots – To continue progression into building more varied structures, you’ll want to continue purchasing new Makers and Bots. Consistently having new abilities will allow you to create new structures with new materials. You can also upgrade these machines to have more optimal output saving time and energy.

Supernauts 2

  • Perform Rescue Missions – Whenever you can, you should complete the rescue missions available to you as often as you can. This will bring new teammates to your home world bringing you more money in the long run. When you are exploring during the missions, take a look around for the various coins and power-ups you can find while rescuing people.
  • Set Your Makers and Bots – Having materials is incredibly important so that you can continue building, but you have to make sure you set your material creators. This sounds like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how easy it is to get caught up in other tasks and forget to set these and run out of materials you need.
  • Get Moe Fab – As you build your world, pay attention to the Fab gauge at the top of the screen (the rainbow icon). This gauges how appealing your world is, and the higher the number, the more coins the people in your world will produce.
  • Complete Extra Missions – When you visit a location on the globe map screen, it’s easy to miss the Extra Missions tab at the end of the mission select screen. Here, you can play additional missions that will earn you additional medals and coins. In these missions, it’s best to systematically remove each block in the level. This way you may find additional coins and survivors.