Travian Games has publicly revealed their upcoming puzzle platformer Meerkatz Challenge, which is on its way to iOS worldwide in a few weeks, though some people can play the game right now.

This is a puzzle platformer with shades of the classic game Lemmings. Players command an army of meerkats, trying to get them to safety, by using a variety of items to help get them to safety, as they’re prone to just wandering in a straight line until they fall off a cliff or something. So, leaf hang gliders, mushroom springs, and more must be used to keep them safe, with a goal number of meerkats needed to reach safety in order to succeed. There’s time tracking for quick solutions as well. All in all, it’s a definite homage to the much-loved Lemmings formula, albeit with meerkats and the customary three-star system measuring success.

For those who are in Australia it’s possible to buy the game right now. It’s an interesting approach to a soft launch: it’s available at a premium price, it has no in-app purchases whatsoever, it’s just available with the first 30 levels for half-price. The will be release on July 24th worldwide, with more levels promised in future updates.